Georgia residents may be interested to learn that, according to a recent survey among childless couples who are getting a divorce, their main concern is how much it will cost financially. The couples who have children say that custody issues are number one, but finances are included in that concern as well. It does not seem to matter how much money a person has -- cost is always an issue in divorce proceedings.

Cost also plays a part in which attorney people will hire to handle their divorce. There are people who try to take on the divorce themselves, but quite a few of those end up hiring someone to handle it for them. A personal recommendation for legal representation is also cited as an important factor in reaching a decision regarding whom to hire.

Most people look for at least a range of costs when facing a divorce, but that typically depends on what services are needed. In addition to legal fees, there are also court costs to consider and the fees for any financial or psychological professionals that may be required. Time is also a factor when considering cost. The longer the process takes, the more money it usually takes to achieve the desired settlement.

There are ways to keep the costs down, however. If the spouses can come to a agreement among themselves regarding the major issues, less time will likely be necessary to settle the divorce. It is important to ensure the attorney knows everything material to the case so that there are no surprises before the case goes to court. Typically, any questions regarding the divorce proceedings are best asked and answered satisfactorily before signing agreeing to a settlement. Whether in Georgia or elsewhere, those facing these important issues can take comfort in knowing that help is available to make certain they achieve a fair and comprehensive settlement.

Source: The Washington Times, Which is more expensive, marriage or divorce?, Myra Fleischer, Sept. 30, 2013