A Georgia spouse may be contemplating divorce but in some cases it can be hard to figure out the right time to actually commit to going through with it. While there may be some feelings left for the other marriage partner, a person needs to do what is best for him or herself. There are some signs that a person may be remaining too long in a marriage that has been over for a while and divorce is inevitable.

No marriage is wonderful and joyous all the time but when there is more dreading than happiness when with the other person, that is usually one sign that the relationship should end. Sometimes some of the behaviors that attracted partners to each other end up being more annoying than attractive. If this is the case a majority of the time spent together, it could mean it is time to part ways.

In the beginning of the relationship, most couples want to be with each other as much as possible. After a while, it is natural that some time apart is wanted and needed, but when that feeling becomes the preference, both spouses should examine where they are as a couple. It is also a given that any two people will argue occasionally. In the event that the disputes become the same without any resolution of the issues, however, it could be time to say farewell.

Probably the most notable sign that a divorce is imminent would be if either spouse is continually checking out other people. If most or all of these signs are in a marriage, it may be time to look at the legal options available. Georgia has its own guidelines for those facing divorce. Some research may be helpful to a couple before deciding how to proceed.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce Advice: 5 Signs It's Time To Move On, Jennifer Oikle, Sept. 23, 2013